Products & Tips.

Help us help you! From preparing your deck before our arrival to clearly stating your cleaning preferences - remove any items under decking to be coated, if possible.

Deck Preparation

  • Please make sure all furniture and items are removed from the service area prior to our arrival—unless they are too heavy.
  • Clearly state any priorities, requirements and preferences in full detail before we start. No detail is too small and no request too particular.

Deck After Care

  • Try to keep off any freshly coated areas for at least 8 to 12 hours after the final coat is applied.
  • Always have saucers under all pot plants as wet decking rots.
  • Maintain a regular maintenance program.
  • Organise your free annual inspection of your deckings and furniture.

Commercial, External Residential & Body Corporate Cleaning Preparation

  • Always inform us of your priorities and requirements when booking your job.
  • Clearly state your preferences in full detail as you are the one we aim to please. No detail is too small or request too particular.
  • Allow enough time for our qualified staff to do a thorough job and have realistic expectations.
  • Any minor cleaning you and the family do before our arrival, will allow us more time to focus on detailed cleaning work.


We use only eco-friendly cleaning products and deck coating systems for all our services.

Our coating products not only get the best results for your deck, but they release 90% less solvent emissions than other leading brands.

Minimising our carbon footprint and having an environmentally sustainable approach is at the forefront of everything we do at Attention to Detail Deck Coating & Cleaning.

Timber Coating Products

  • Our timber coating products have been rigorously tested and are proven to benefit your deck's scratch resistance, heat resistance, sandability and durability.
  • Our deck coating products will both enhance the richness of your timber and increase its longevity. When it comes to your timber, we use marine grade highest quality product, which feels great and does not leave a sticky residue.


Deck Coating Darwin use Sayerlack Products on timbers.

The professionals of the central laboratory, supported globally by Sherwin-Williams' technological know-how, work with the aim of creating products that protect wood from weather and time, enhancing its natural beauty.

The Sayerlack Philosophy focuses attention on the people who produce our coatings for wood products, who come in contact with our finishes at work and at home, and also who use finished products. Environmental consciousness is a priority, and we are leaders in innovation of technologies and finishes that reduce environmental impact.

The brand Sayerlack is synonymous of the highest quality and represents a landmark for the professionals of the wood coating. The Laboratory of Research & Development, comprised of dedicated chemical researchers, scientists, analysts and technicians, work in close collaboration with leading wood products manufacturers and producers of application equipment to guarantee the best performance and appearance results.

ENJO Products

Attention to Detail Deck Coating & Cleaning Darwin use ENJO products to clean offices and businesses. These eco-friendly products are scientifically proven to be extremely effective in eliminating dirt, grime, bacteria and dust.

ENJO's fibre cleaning technology allows us to pick up more dirt and bacteria, while minimising the need for harmful cleaning chemicals and detergents.